Care Guide


All of our suits are handmade with love! Charm Bikini swimwear have been specialty made for mild water use in chlorine and saltwater. (*Unless otherwise noted). Due to certain ocean water and chlorine levels the use of prolonged exposure of these elements we cannot guarantee water use, please use at owner discretion.


Please hand wash with cold water and mild soap (like Lingerie or swimwear detergent). DO NOT USE WOOLITE and lay flat to dry.

To preserve the life of your bikini, try to rinse it with cold water after use in heavily chlorinated or salted waters. Please note that suits are not intended to be used during strenuous physical activity and shouldn’t be worn for long periods of time in chlorinated or salted waters. Also please note some suits Dyes may run at first, so keep this in mind when wearing, especially for new suits.


Please take extra care of your bikini as you would with any luxury item! These bikinis are very delicate in nature and should be treated as fine jewellery would. We use some of the finest fabrics, laces, ribbons, beads, jewels and hardware; so treat it with love and care to preserve its life. When trying on your suit DO NOT pull from the hardware at any time. ALWAYS Pull from the fabric and take extra care not to provide tension on the hardware. This will prolong the life of your suit over time.